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"A Day to Remember"
A letter by Lisa Audy
Campbell, CA

          My son begged me to have a "Snake Party" for his birthday... He had been to a friend's party with lizards and various reptiles, but he thought a party with snakes would be "way cooler". I found Brian's website, and discovered he was local. So we booked him for the party. Now all I had to do was getting rid of my fear of snakes.
          As word got out that we were having Snakes, the list grew much larger than I had expected. I had 30 kids and 8 snakes arriving in about an hour and I was panicking.
          When Brian arrived, the house was complete chaos. As soon as he set up the table, you could hear a pin drop in my living room. The kids were utterly fascinated. Brian had the most terrific way of talking to the kids making his presentation both interesting and educational. I was absolutely impressed with his ability to handle the big crowd, allowing each child individual time with the snakes. It was a real hands-on experience for them and I felt good knowing each one left more knowledgeable about snakes than before.
          The party was a great success. I heard from parents for several weeks afterward how much fun their child had that day. Best of all, I am no longer afraid of snakes, as I had quite a lot of hands on experience that day myself.
          I highly recommend Brian Gundy and "For Goodness Snakes" for your next party. It was a day to remember.

"All About Snakes"
A Testimonial by Elena Khaziri
Los Gatos, CA

          It was the best birthday party in my life I've ever had! My kids just loved it. Everything was about snakes that day! - We even put them on our cake, the plastic ones of course :))) Unbelievable spirit, very educational, fun. Please see our slide show with wonderful pictures from the party: http://www.bijandre.com/Family/BIJAN's7thBDparty2006.wmv. Invite Brian with his snakes to have an exceptional party!

"Mister Winter's New Home"
A Testimonial by Dalisay Delgado Neyra

          Thanks, Brian Gundy, for sharing your snakes and making it interesting and fun for kids and adults. We had fun. Enrique ended up getting a snake. Enrique named him "Mister Winter" because it was during the cold spell when we brought him home. We also appreciated your helpful advice regarding Enrique's new pet! We heard that his friend, Dylan, now has Mister Winter's brother!

"Coming Back for More"
A Testimonial by Susie Sage

          Mr Gundy came to my son's 7th birthday in October 2009 and wowed  the crowd of young boys with his beautiful snakes and huge wealth of  knowledge. He spent the first 20 minutes of his visit educating the  boys on all things related to snakes. They were all fascinated by all  of the amazing snake facts and when it came to handling the snakes  were respectful and gentle. My son, who is an avid snake lover was in  heaven for the whole hour of having snakes draped around his  shoulders often four at a time!  When Big Mamma, the 40 pound Boa  Constrictor made her entrance towards the end of the party, adults  and children alike were in awe. The party went by way too quickly and  my son is already talking about wanting Mr Gundy to come back for his  8th birthday party.   

"Party of the Year"
A Testimonial by Kathy Rolland
1582 Darlene Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
December 9. 2009

          It is with great pleasure that I recommend Brian Gundy. owner of For Goodness Snakes. Mr. Gundy provided a snake party for my son's birthday party on November 14,2009. Mr. Gundy brought at least 10 snakes and a special lizard to this party of 10 boys and two girls. aged eight to 10. Of particular interest was a boa constrictor of about 50#. Mr. Gundy has a very special way with kids, and was able to keep them entertained and wellbehaved as he talked about and displayed the snakes. While snakes are obviously a big attraction to any child, the party was greatly successful due to Mr. Gundy's ability to hold the children's attention while educating them about snakes. Adults and children alike learned a lot and just had a blast holding the snakes. At first, the children were very reluctant to even touch the snakes. as Mr. Gundy put them out on the table. However, as soon as one child picked up a snake, and as Mr. Gundy talked more and explained about snakes, pretty soon ALL the children and adults were holding snakes.

          To tell you how popular this party was with my son, he kept running around the room saying, "This is the coolest party! This is the BEST!" We had many parents ask for Mr. Gundy's business card after the party, and would nominate this party for the "party of the year" award on our block.

          As I mentioned earlier, the party was largely successful due to the way Mr. Gundy relates to children. He is very patient. kind, and answers their questions very seriously but also jokes around so that they have fun. He was able to teach them a lot about snakes, even though they could not get their eyes off the snakes the entire time. I would highly recommend For Goodness Snakes for any educational setting and would be especially proud to have Mr. Gundy come first to my son's school.

          Please feel free to contact me through Mr. Gundy with any questions.

Kathy Rolland



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