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Name:  Jeff Ronne Sr. of Boaphile Enterprises
Location: Cannon Falls, MN

       Hey Brian, It has really been a pleasure doing business with you. As one of the "good guys" in the snake business, and a fellow near baldy I might add, you have been a great trustworthy customer and have the patience of Job. I am happy knowing that your beautiful animals will be housed in racks that I built myself. Even if some of those beauties are Ball Pythons. Because for goodness snakes, I mean for goodness sakes, great animals deserve the best housing right? By the way, congrats on your recent nuptials! Thanks again Brian!

Name:  Jonel Lopez of Selective Propagations
Location: San Jose, CA

       If you are looking for someone that you can trust, look no further. I have known Brian since 1997 and I have nothing but good things to say about him. I met Brian for the first time at one of our local reptile shows/expo here in San Jose, CA. We were both looking very closely at some "anerythristic calkings" that were at the late Lloyd Lemke's table (Brian was still breeding colubrids back then), and we both ended up purchasing some of the snakes. After chatting for a while, we exchanged phone numbers. Little did we know that this was going to be the start of a good friendship. Over the past several years, we have purchased/traded animals and feeders, conducted breeding loans with each other, shared information about reptile care, collaborated with creating this site, and have even gone for some herping adventures. He has been a pleasure to work with ever since day one and he has been very helpful and honest with anything that we have done. I credit Brian as one of the individuals who have helped me grow in herpetoculture and I know he will strive to give the best service to his customers. Give “For Goodness Snakes” a try, and I guarantee that you will have a positive experience.

Name:  Jody Smith
Rochester, NY
       I can't thank Brian Gundy enough for his assistance. I purchased a very young Blue Eyed Lucy and showed no interest in eating for weeks. I tried everything and even trying many tricks and tips on the Internet without luck. In desperation, I reached out to Brian Gundy. He took my call, listened to my story and even though my snake was not purchased from him he was so professional to want to help in in anyway. His tip on how to trigger the feeding response from this snake worked on the first try and I am so thankful for his help. He is not only a great breeder, he is someone that loves the herp world enough to try to help someone he doesn't even know or
cared to help in anyway. Thanks again.

Name:  Joel Pretz
Location: (516)805-9896

       Brian you are one of the nicest people I have met in this hobby of ours. I hope you have a lot of healthy babies. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Name:  Jason Jones
Location: Washington DC

       I really want to get into this ball python project and out of all the breeders I've spoken to, Brian has been willing to answer all of my questions. Most of the breeders I talked to would send me to sites or something like that when I had questions about the genetics of the different morphs. I'm really excited about getting my ball python breeding program started. Like I said, the way that Brian handled all of my questions absolutely sold me on For Goodness Snakes!

Name:  Ken McAlexander
Location: Arlington, Texas
       I highly recommend purchasing your snakes from Brian Gundy at for Goodness Snakes!! I hand picked eight animals from him recently and all are doing fine. Brian provides great service before, during and after the sale. He generously offers his advice on captive breeding and proper methods of snake husbandry. In short he is a pleasure to work with and I already plan on purchasing more snakes from him in the very near future.

Name: Jeanie Croteau
Location: Sacramento, CA
       I want to express my gratitude in regards to your knowledge and help in the recent purchase of Zachariah. After speaking with you at length at the Sacramento Reptile Show last year, I knew I wanted to buy a snake from you because of your willingness to spend time with me answering all my questions. The past eight months I have been looking to purchase a Mexican Black Kingsnake, but have been hesitant to buy from the local pet store since you do not receive any information as to past history of snakes purchased in this manner. I was impressed by your knowledge, friendliness and willingness to help me with all my questions. I appreciated the opportunity to meet you where all the snakes are housed. I was amazed with the set up you have and how clean the environment was. It shows me just how much you actually care for the well being of the snakes you breed and sell. I feel at ease knowing if I have any problems or questions, I can call you for help. Thank you !

Name: Darryl and Alex Ecke
Location: San Jose, CA
      Brian Gundy at for Goodness Snakes was a pleasure to work with during the recent acquisition of two pet snakes for my daughter and myself. Thanks to The Jeff Corwin Experience, my four year old daughter is fascinated with reptiles of all kinds, particularly snakes. Since I had numerous snakes while I was growing up, I thought it would be good to encourage my daughter's interest as well. Brian invited us over to view his impressive collection of captive bred snakes.
      Brian was very patient, and encouraged us to browse through his hatchlings and adults to see what we liked best. His knowledge of the animals was extensive and thanks to the time he spent with us, we ended up purchasing a beautiful young mega band California Kingsnake and a Sinoloan Milksnake. They were also significantly lower in price than any of the pet stores offer. Brian made sure that the snakes we chose were healthy and had been eating well before he let us take them home. He guaranteed our satisfaction and we have been very pleased with our new pets.
       Thanks for the excellent service and quality animals. We will definitely see Brian Gundy for all of our future snake needs.

Name: A Cal King lover from Europe....
       I met Brian Gundy at the IRBA show in San Diego a few years ago and was immediately impressed by the quality of his snakes. This, together with his professional and friendly appearance made me purchase 1.1 50/50 Cal Kings from him in 2002. The "babies" are superb feeders and will when the time comes be integrated into my own breeding group. Thank you !