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Brian and some hatchling boas           My name is Brian Gundy and I am a native of Campbell, California. As a child I was greatly influenced by my dad and grandfather who had many exotic animals. I field caught most of my pets while growing up such as raccoons, hawks, owls, doves, and squirrels. My reptile pets included various types of snakes and lizards indigenous to the San Francisco Bay Area. Anything I could get my hands on such as alligator lizards, blue bellies, skinks, horned toads, garter snakes, gopher snakes and California Kingsnakes were among my collection. When I was about 12 years old I purchased my first snake. It was a Boa Constrictor that soon took up residence on a tree limb suspended from the ceiling in my bedroom. To say the least my parents were very supportive of my love of animals.

       In 1995 another dream of mine was fulfilled. For Goodness Snakes was created. My good friend and ex-partner Mike Austin along with his wife Lucy came up with the name For Goodness Snakes. It was only because of his allergy to rodents that he and I are not partners today. Very rarely do you meet another person that shares in the love of an animal that your conversation about it never dies. I miss that with Mike. The business of selling snakes has been a blessing to me. It has allowed me to work with an animal that has fascinated me for most of my life and in doing so has given me the opportunity to meet countless others who share in the love for the exotic.
       The hope and goal in doing business with us is that you, the customer, will feel you have been treated fairly, will enjoy the snake you purchase and feel you can call us at any time. We pride ourselves in customer care before and after the sale. The animals that you purchase are healthy, and have eaten at least once.
       The love and desire I have for snakes drives me to continuously improve the quality of the animals so that you and I can enjoy this experience again and again.

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