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...:: Beware of Joshua Wright ::...

        On May 10, 2005 I came across an ad in the classified section of Kingsnake.com that read "1.0 Snow Boa $3300 Shipped". The seller "Joshua Wright" e-mail address jwexotics@aol.com and I exchanged letters for a few days before I sent him an e-check through Pay-Pal. On May 17th the check cleared and the money was removed from my account and transferred to his. An e-mail was sent by Josh letting me know that he had received the money and was ready to ship the snake. That was over a month ago and I have not received the snake nor has he returned any of my e-mails. I'm writing this letter for my website readers to inform you of the possible fraudulent act of Joshua Wright. I must admit my first thoughts were concern that something may have happened to Josh. I wondered if he had been injured or worse.

         On June 2, 2005 a friend of mine called and told me that he had found a post on Kingsnake that read "Has anyone seen or heard from Joshua Wright at jwexotics@aol.com ?” I rushed to open the ad and found that it had been written by John Davis an investment quality ball python breeder from New Jersey. John's email address is Jersey71@aol.com. John had a similar experience with Joshua Wright. On or near the same day John contacted Josh through Kingsnake Classified. Josh was supposedly selling a 1600 gram adult female albino ball python for $4,000. E-mails and phone calls were exchanged and John sent Josh the money through Pay-Pal.

         More than a month has now passed since either John or I have heard from Joshua Wright. We have both contacted Pay-Pal, our banks, the Spokane Police Department and the FBI.

         We are waiting for information that may explain what has happened to Joshua Wright and our money.

        If anyone has information that may help our situation please contact me at (408)981-6694 or contact the Spokane police department at (509)625-4100. The police report number is 05-179634.

         A week or so after there was no response from Joshua Wright I had my bank pull the $3300 from Pay-Pal's account. Pay- Pal has confirmed that there is no money in Joshua Wright's Pay-Pal account. Pay-Pal has responded by letting me know that if I don't put the $3300 back into their account they (Pay-Pal) will take me to collections. I have used Pay-Pal in the past with confidence. The confidence that Pay-Pal advertises is being threatened by the reaction I have received.

         I have been breeding and selling snakes for many years. This is the first time I have experienced anything like this. I still have the highest regard for the professionalism and ethics of the herpetocultural community.

         Please be careful. There may be someone out there that is only interested in your money. Thank you for your time.

 ---------- Brian Gundy of For Goodness Snakes